How Do You Make Walking in Pixel Art?

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Pixel Art is a form of digital art that dates back to the early days of video games. It is an art form that uses small, blocky pieces of color to create an image, animation or game.

The term “pixel art” was first used in 1972 by computer scientist Russell Kirsch. Pixel art has become increasingly popular since then and can be seen in many modern video games and apps.

To make walking pixel art, the artist must first decide what type of character they want to create. The character should have a recognizable Silhouette, like a person or an animal.

Once the shape is decided, it’s time to add details like facial features and clothing. In addition to designing the character’s overall look, the artist must also plan out the character’s movement. This includes deciding how many frames of animation are needed for each step and how the character’s body parts move in relation to each other.

The next step is to create pixel blocks for each frame of animation. This involves using small squares of color or shapes to represent each body part on screen.

For best results, these blocks should all be the same size so they appear uniform on screen. The artist should also pay attention to how light and dark colors interact with each other when creating pixel blocks.

Once all the frames are complete, it’s time to animate them together into a single sequence. This process involves taking all the individual frames and arranging them in order so they appear as one continuous movement when played back at normal speed. When animating pixels, it’s important that each frame has a slight change from one another so there is no “stuttering” effect when playing back the sequence.

Finally, it’s time to give life to your pixel art creation by adding sound effects or music tracks if desired. Sound effects can help bring your characters and animations to life while music tracks can give your project added emotion and atmosphere.

The process of making walking pixel art may seem daunting at first but with practice and experimentation anyone can become a master at this classic form of digital art!


Making walking pixel art requires careful planning and attention to detail but with patience and practice anyone can create stunning digital projects! To make walking pixel art you must first design your character’s Silhouette, add details such as facial features or clothing, plan out their movement, create pixels for each frame then animate them together into one sequence before finally adding sound effects or music if desired.