How Do You Outline Drawings in Digital Art?

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Outlining drawings in digital art can be a great way to add a finishing touch to your work. It can add definition, emphasis, and structure to your drawings, and make them look more professional. Outlining is a relatively simple process that involves using a range of tools available in digital art programs.

Choosing the Right Tool
The first step in outlining your drawing is choosing the right tool for the job. Different tools will give you different results.

For example, if you are looking for a thin, precise line then you might want to use the pen tool or the brush tool. For thicker lines with more texture, the marker tool or airbrush might be better suited. Experiment with different tools until you find one that gives you the results you want.

Adjusting Line Width
Once you have chosen a suitable tool for outlining your drawing, the next step is adjusting its line width. This allows you to control how thick or thin your lines will be and can help create emphasis or balance within your drawing. Most digital art programs provide options for adjusting line widths, so experiment with different settings until you find one that works best for your artwork.

Creating Depth
Outlining can also be used to create depth and contrast within a drawing by making certain elements stand out more than others. This can be done by using thicker lines on certain parts of the drawing while keeping other areas thinner or by using lighter colors on some parts while making other areas darker. This technique can help draw attention to certain elements of your artwork and make it look more dynamic and interesting.

Adding Color

Adding color to an outline can also be effective in creating contrast and depth within a drawing. Using colors that are slightly darker than those used in the rest of the image will help make them stand out more and draw attention to them. You can also use colors that are complementary or opposite each other on the color wheel to create an interesting contrast between elements in your drawing.


Outlining is an important part of creating digital artwork as it adds definition, emphasis, and structure to drawings while helping them look more professional overall. By experimenting with different tools, adjusting line widths, creating depth with contrasting colors, and adding color where appropriate you can create outlines that bring out all aspects of your artwork in an eye-catching way.

In conclusion, outlining drawings in digital art requires understanding how different tools work together with color contrast and line widths to achieve desired results. With practice and experimentation anyone can learn how to outline their drawings effectively giving their artwork that extra edge needed to stand out!