How Do You Sew Ribbon on Ballet Shoes?

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Sewing ribbon onto ballet shoes is an important part of the dancer’s preparation for class or performance. Ballet shoes come in a variety of styles and materials, and each style requires different methods of sewing the ribbon on correctly. It’s important to follow the instructions that come with your particular pair of shoes – if you don’t, you may end up with a less than satisfactory result.

The first step is to measure the ribbon against the shoe. Depending on your preference, you can make the ribbons longer than necessary so they can be “scrunched” up when tied around your ankle, or you can make them slightly shorter so they don’t bunch up when tied. Once you have clipped off the desired length of ribbon, lay it across the top of your shoe to ensure it has been cut to size properly.

The next step is to mark where you will sew your ribbons onto your ballet shoe. Make sure that each side is marked as accurately as possible – this will ensure that both sides are even and symmetrical. Once marked, use a needle and thread that matches or complements the color of your ribbon.

Sewing The Ribbon

Starting at one end of the ribbon, sew small stitches along one side until you reach a few centimeters away from the other end. This will keep one side secure while allowing space for tying later on. Once this first side has been sewn into place, turn over and repeat on the other side until both sides have been securely stitched in place.

Tying The Ribbon

Once both sides have been securely sewn in place, tie them together by taking one end in each hand and tying them in a bow or knot around your ankle joint. Make sure that there are no twists in either side before tying for an even fit.


Sewing ribbons onto ballet shoes is an important part of preparing for class or performance. Following these steps will ensure secure attachment and even fit when tied around your ankle joint – making sure that this essential aspect of ballet practice is done correctly!