How Do You Sew Ribbons on Pointe Ballet Shoes?

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Pointe ballet shoes are an important part of a dancer’s wardrobe. The ribbons that secure the shoes to the dancer’s feet add a special touch to the overall look.

Sewing ribbons on pointe ballet shoes is a skill that requires practice and patience.

To begin, gather your supplies: ribbon, needle, thread, scissors, and pointe shoe. The type of ribbon you use should match the color of the pointe shoe and be approximately 1/2 inch wide.

Cut two pieces of ribbon that are slightly longer than your foot circumference when tied in a bow. Thread your needle with regular thread and knot it securely at the end.

Once you have all of your supplies ready, it is time to begin sewing on the ribbons. Start by placing one end of the ribbon on the inside arch of the shoe near where the heel meets the sole and pin it in place with a safety pin. Then carefully stitch along one side of the ribbon until you reach where you started.

Next, take one end of the other piece of ribbon and sew it to where you finished stitching on the first piece. Continue stitching along this side until you reach where you started. To finish off your sewing project, tie both ends together in a bow on top of your foot.


Sewing ribbons onto pointe ballet shoes is not as difficult as it may seem! With practice and patience, anyone can master this skill to create beautiful ballet shoes for themselves or someone else!