How Do You Tag Digital Art on Instagram?

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Tagging digital art on Instagram is a great way to get your work noticed and build a community of art enthusiasts. It’s important to remember that the way you tag your art can have an impact on how it is perceived, so it’s important to consider how you want to represent yourself and your work when tagging.

The best way to tag digital art is by using relevant hashtags. Relevant hashtags should be related to the content of the artwork, such as its style, genre or medium. You may also use any other relevant tags such as the artist’s name, their location or any other associated tags that are related to the artwork.

It’s also important to be aware of any trending tags so that you can make sure your artwork is seen by as many people as possible. This can be done by researching what hashtags have been used recently and seeing if they are relevant for your artwork. Additionally, you can use popular hashtags such as #digitalart or #artwork which will help increase visibility for your work.

Using Location Tags

In addition to using relevant hashtags, you should also include a location tag when tagging digital art on Instagram. This will help people who are interested in particular areas find your artwork more easily. For example, if you are showcasing digital art from Paris then adding #parisdigitalart or a similar hashtag will make it easier for people interested in Paris-based artwork to find your work.

Using Your Own Hashtags

Creating and using your own unique hashtag is another great way to get more eyes on your work and increase engagement with it. This can be done by combining words related to your work such as artist name/handle, location and themes of the artwork into one hashtag that nobody else has used before.


Tagging digital art on Instagram is an effective way of getting more exposure for your work and building a community around it. The most important thing when tagging digital art is using relevant hashtags that are related to the content of the artwork and including location tags when appropriate. Additionally, creating and using unique hashtags can help further promote engagement with viewers.