How Do You Tag Digital Art?

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Tagging digital art is a great way to showcase your work and ensure that it is seen by potential buyers or viewers. It can also help to make sure that your artwork is accurately credited and recognized, as well as helping you to keep track of any changes or updates you make to it. The process of tagging digital art is relatively straightforward, but it’s important to understand the basics before you start.

Choose a Platform for Your Artwork

The first step in tagging your digital art is choosing an appropriate platform for it. This could be something like Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter – all of which offer the ability to upload images and share them with others. There are also dedicated platforms such as DeviantArt and Behance which are specifically designed for sharing artwork online. Depending on the type of art you create, one platform may be better suited than another.

Create Tags That Describe Your Artwork

Once you have chosen a platform for your artwork, it’s time to create some tags that accurately describe it. Tags should include the type of art, any relevant themes or topics, and key words that someone might use when searching for similar pieces of art. For example, if you have created a painting featuring birds, some suitable tags might be ‘bird painting’ or ‘bird art’.

Add Tags When You Upload Your Artwork

When you upload your artwork onto your chosen platform, make sure to add the tags that you have created in the relevant section.

This will ensure that anyone searching for similar pieces of art will be able to find yours easily.

Edit Your Tags Regularly

It’s important to remember that tags should be updated regularly in order for them to remain accurate and effective. As your work evolves over time, so should your tags – this will ensure that people can find your artwork easily and quickly.




Tagging digital art is an effective way of showcasing and promoting it online while ensuring accuracy and recognition. By choosing an appropriate platform, creating relevant tags and updating them regularly, you can successfully tag your digital artwork so that viewers can find it easily.

How Do You Tag Digital Art?


Tagging digital art involves choosing an appropriate platform for displaying it; creating relevant tags; adding these when uploading; and updating regularly over time. By following these steps correctly, viewers will be able to quickly find and appreciate your artwork.