How Do You Tie Kids Ballet Shoes?

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Tying your kids’ ballet shoes may seem like a daunting task, but with a few simple steps, you can quickly and easily get them ready for class. Ballet shoes come in many shapes and sizes, but the tying process is generally the same.

The first step is to make sure you have the right size shoe. You want your child’s shoes to be snug but comfortable.

Too loose and they won’t support their feet properly; too tight and they will be uncomfortable. Once you have the correct size shoe, it’s time to lace them up.

Start at the toe of the shoe, threading the laces through each hole from side to side until you reach the top of the shoe. Make sure to pull the laces tight as you go so that they don’t slip out of place.

Once your child’s laces are threaded all the way up to the top, it’s time to tie them off. To do this, take one of the laces in each hand and make a loop on each side by crossing them over one another.

Tie a knot

Now that you have two loops in each hand, pull them together so that they form a knot at the top of your child’s foot. Pull tightly on both sides until it is secure. You may need to adjust as needed if it is not quite right.

Finishing Touches

Finally, tie off any excess laces that are sticking out by tucking them into the sides of your child’s feet.

This will keep their shoes from coming undone during class or dancing around at home!


With these simple steps, tying kids ballet shoes can be a breeze! Make sure you get their correct size shoe for support and comfort and then thread up their laces from toe to top before tying off with a knot for security. Finish off with some extra tucking for neatness and your little dancer will be ready for class!