How Do You Write a Thesis for an Art History Paper?

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Writing a thesis for an art history paper can be a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be. By following a few simple guidelines and focusing on the structure of your essay, you can be well on your way to crafting an effective and interesting thesis for your art history paper.

The First Step:

The first step in writing an effective thesis for an art history paper is to narrow down your topic. Art is a broad subject that covers many different styles, mediums, and eras. Narrowing down your topic will help you focus on one specific area or idea that you want to explore in your paper.

Choose a Thesis Statement:

Once you’ve narrowed down your topic, you need to choose a thesis statement. A thesis statement is the main point or argument that you are trying to make in your paper. It should be concise and clearly state what point you are trying to make about the work of art that you are discussing.

Organize Your Ideas:

Organizing your ideas is essential when writing any type of paper, but it’s especially important when writing about art because there are so many different elements involved. Start by outlining the main points that you want to discuss in your paper and then break them down into more detailed points that will help make up the body of your essay.

Gather Evidence:

Once you’ve organized your ideas, it’s important to gather evidence to support them. This can include quotes from experts in the field or images of relevant artwork that helps illustrate the point that you are making in your thesis statement. Make sure to cite all of your sources properly so as not to commit any plagiarism.

Write Your Paper:

Now it’s time to put everything together and write the actual paper! Begin with an introduction that states clearly what point or argument you are making in the thesis statement and then proceed through each point that supports it with evidence from reliable sources. Make sure everything is well-organized and flows logically from one point to another before concluding with a powerful conclusion paragraph summarizing all of the main points of discussion.


Writing a thesis for an art history paper doesn’t have to be difficult if you follow these simple steps – narrow down your topic, choose a thesis statement, organize your ideas, gather evidence, and write your paper! With careful preparation and research, you can craft an effective and interesting essay about any work of art.