How Does It Take to Learn Digital Art?

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Creating art digitally is a skill that is becoming increasingly popular, and it’s no wonder why. Digital art can be used to create stunning artwork, either for a commercial purpose or as a personal hobby. But just how long does it take to learn digital art?

The truth is, there is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question. It depends on the individual and their experience level.

If someone is already familiar with basic drawing and painting techniques, they may be able to pick up the basics of digital art relatively quickly. However, if someone has never done any type of art before then it may take longer to learn the basics and build up their skills.

The best way for an artist to learn digital art is by starting small and gradually working their way up. Beginners should start with basic programs such as Photoshop or Gimp and practice creating simple shapes and designs before moving onto more complex tools such as Illustrator or Procreate.

It’s also important for new artists to find tutorials online or take classes from experienced professionals in order to learn the fundamentals of digital art. This will help them understand how different tools work and how they can be used in creative ways.

No matter what level of experience an artist has, it’s important that they remain patient with themselves when learning digital art. It takes time and practice to become proficient at anything, so don’t get discouraged if your initial attempts don’t look perfect!


Learning digital art can be a time consuming process depending on the individual’s previous experience level with traditional artwork. It’s important for new artists to start small and gradually work their way up while also taking advantage of tutorials online or classes from experienced professionals in order to gain fundamental knowledge of the tools available. With patience and dedication, anyone can become proficient at creating amazing artwork digitally!