How Hard Is It to Get Into the School of American Ballet?


The School of American Ballet (SAB) is one of the most prestigious ballet schools in the world. Founded in 1934 by George Balanchine, Lincoln Kirstein, and Edward M.M.

Warburg, SAB has trained many of today’s most renowned dancers and choreographers. Thousands of aspiring dancers dream of becoming part of this elite institution, but getting accepted can be a daunting task.

First, SAB receives thousands of applications every year from all over the world. It’s a highly competitive process with many talented young dancers vying for spots at the school. The admissions committee looks for students who exhibit not only outstanding technique but also strong stage presence and artistic potential.

The audition process itself is also quite rigorous. All applicants must perform a series of classical ballet exercises in front of a panel of judges who evaluate their technique, artistry, and physical ability. Additionally, applicants must complete an interview with members of SAB’s faculty to discuss their goals and aspirations as well as their understanding of ballet history.

The School Of American Ballet Is Highly Selective

It’s no surprise that SAB is highly selective; it has to be in order to maintain its level of excellence. In recent years, acceptance rates for the school have been around 5-7%, with some classes as low as 3%. This means that even if you have perfect technique and a passion for dance, there’s still no guarantee you will get into the school.

What Can You Do To Improve Your Chances?

If you’re serious about getting accepted into SAB, there are several things you can do to increase your chances. First and foremost is to work on your technique; take classes from experienced teachers and attend summer programs or intensives that will help you hone your skills. You should also make sure to research the school thoroughly; understanding its philosophy and goals can help you stand out during the admissions process.


Getting into the School Of American Ballet isn’t easy – it requires hard work both technically and artistically – but it is achievable with dedication and perseverance. The key is to focus on improving your skills while also learning more about what makes SAB such an esteemed institution. With the right preparation and mindset, you too can become part of this exclusive community.

How Hard Is It To Get Into The School Of American Ballet?

Getting into the School Of American Ballet can be difficult due to its competitive nature; however, those who put in hard work both technically and artistically may find success if they are dedicated and prepared before going through the admissions process.