How Long Do People Spend at the Philadelphia Museum of Art?

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The Philadelphia Museum of Art is one of the most iconic and beloved institutions in the city. From its impressive collection of artworks to its iconic steps, the museum has been a favorite destination for locals and tourists alike for decades. But how long do people typically spend at the Philadelphia Museum of Art?

It depends on what a visitor is looking to get out of their visit. A casual visitor who wants to explore the galleries, take in some art, and maybe even grab a bite to eat might spend anywhere from an hour to several hours at the museum. Those who are more invested in art history and want to take part in educational programs or special exhibitions could easily spend an entire day or longer exploring all that the museum has to offer.

The size of the museum can also play a role in how long visitors stay. The Philadelphia Museum of Art is over 300,000 square feet and contains over 200 galleries featuring works from all time periods and around the world. With so much to see, it’s easy for visitors to get lost in the vastness of it all and find themselves spending hours just exploring different galleries.

One way for visitors to maximize their visit is by taking advantage of guided tours offered by the museum. These tours provide visitors with an expert guide who can provide insights into specific works or periods in art history as well as information on how best to navigate through the galleries. Guided tours range from 45 minutes up to two hours.


The amount of time that people spend at the Philadelphia Museum of Art varies greatly depending on what they are looking for from their visit. Casual visitors may only stay for an hour or two while those interested in learning more about art history may find themselves spending an entire day exploring every corner of this expansive institution. Guided tours are also available as a great way for visitors to maximize their experience while learning more about specific works or periods.