How Long Does It Take to Go Through Denver Art Museum?

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The Denver Art Museum is one of the premiere art museums in the United States and is home to a wide variety of different artwork. With over 70,000 pieces ranging from European and American paintings to Native American artifacts and contemporary works, the Denver Art Museum offers a unique opportunity for visitors to explore and appreciate the world’s artistic heritage.

With so much to see, it can be difficult to know how long it will take to go through the entire museum.

The amount of time needed to visit the Denver Art Museum will depend largely on how much time you have available and your individual interests. The museum has three levels, with each level exhibiting different types of artwork.

It takes an average visitor about two hours to view all three levels and take in all the exhibits. However, if you are an art enthusiast or have specific interests in certain types of artwork, it may take longer as you will likely want to spend more time at each exhibit.

The museum also offers several guided tours that provide visitors with an in-depth look at some of the most important pieces housed in the museum. These tours typically last around two hours or more depending on how much information is covered. Additionally, there are often free lectures held at various times throughout the week that provide visitors with additional insight into particular exhibits or artists.

In addition to viewing permanent collections, visitors can also take advantage of rotating exhibitions that showcase different works from various artists or cultures. The length of these exhibitions varies depending on what is being displayed at any given time.


In conclusion, how long it takes to go through Denver Art Museum really depends on your individual interests and available time. For those who are simply looking for a quick overview, two hours should be enough; however art enthusiasts may need additional time if they wish to fully appreciate each exhibit on offer. Guided tours and lectures can also help enhance one’s experience by providing further insight into certain collections or artists represented in the museum.