How Long Does It Take to Go Through the Speed Art Museum?

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The Speed Art Museum is Louisville Kentucky’s largest art museum, located in the city’s Highlands neighborhood. It houses over 60,000 works of art from antiquity to present day, including painting, sculpture, photography, decorative arts, and textiles.

The museum is divided into seven thematic galleries: Ancient World, American Art, European Art, African American Art, Contemporary Art, Decorative Arts and Design and Textiles. The museum is open seven days a week and admission is free for all visitors.

The Speed Art Museum offers a variety of programs and activities for visitors to enjoy during their visit. The museum offers guided tours of its permanent collection as well as special exhibitions.

Visitors can also attend lectures and workshops on topics related to the artworks on display. Additionally, the museum has space available for private events such as weddings or corporate meetings.

The Speed Art Museum also offers educational programming for school-age children. Programs include hands-on activities such as drawing and building with clay or exploring the galleries through scavenger hunts. For adults there are classes offered in a variety of media including painting and printmaking.

The amount of time it takes to go through the Speed Art Museum depends on the individual’s interests and goals for their visit. A casual visitor could spend one to two hours wandering through the galleries admiring the artwork and taking in the atmosphere of the museum. Those who wish to take more time can join a guided tour or participate in workshops or educational programs which will take longer than two hours.


Visiting the Speed Art Museum can be a great way to spend an afternoon or evening in Louisville Kentucky. With its expansive collection of artworks from antiquity to present day, there is something for everyone at this impressive cultural institution. Depending on individual interests and goals for their visit, it can take anywhere from one to two hours or more to go through all that the Speed has to offer.