How Long Is the Joffrey Ballet Summer Intensive?


The Joffrey Ballet Summer Intensive is an intensive dance training program for aspiring ballet dancers. The program is hosted by the world-renowned Joffrey Ballet, and provides dancers with a unique opportunity to develop their skills in a professional environment. The Summer Intensive offers classes for dancers of all levels, from beginner to advanced, making it the perfect place for any dancer to hone their craft.

The Summer Intensive runs for six weeks, beginning in late June and ending in mid-August. Each day consists of eight hours of instruction, including ballet technique, pointe work, variations, character work, contemporary dance, jazz and more.

Students also receive daily coaching from members of the Joffrey Ballet faculty. In addition to classes and rehearsals, students have the opportunity to attend special events such as lectures by guest artists, panel discussions and master classes with world-renowned choreographers.

The program is open to all levels of experience and ability; however, students must meet certain criteria in order to participate. All applicants must be enrolled in full-time dance classes and have at least two years of classical ballet training prior to the start of the program.

Additionally, applicants must submit video footage demonstrating their technique and skill level. Once accepted into the program, dancers are expected to abide by rules such as not missing more than two hours of class time per week without a valid excuse.

The Joffrey Ballet Summer Intensive provides an invaluable opportunity for student dancers to take their skills to the next level. Through this intense six-week program they will gain invaluable experience performing alongside professional dancers while learning from some of the best faculty in the business. With its challenging curriculum and rigorous standards for admission, this program is sure to provide any aspiring dancer with a once-in-a-lifetime experience that will never be forgotten.

Conclusion: The Joffrey Ballet Summer Intensive is an intense six week program that runs from late June through mid August each year. It provides aspiring dancers with an opportunity to hone their craft under professional instruction from some of the best faculty in the business while performing alongside professional dancers as well as meeting eligibility requirements such as having two years prior ballet training and submitting video footage demonstrating their technique and skill level before being accepted into this prestigious program.