How Long Is the Nutcracker Ballet Fort Worth?


The Nutcracker Ballet Fort Worth is an annual show that takes place in Fort Worth, Texas. It is an adaptation of the classic holiday tale, The Nutcracker, and a beloved tradition for many in the city. The show has been running for over 30 years and continues to entertain audiences each December.

The Nutcracker Ballet Fort Worth features a full-length ballet performance with incredible sets, costumes, and choreography. Audiences can expect to see a variety of characters from the original story such as the Sugar Plum Fairy, Mouse King, and Snow Queen. The story follows young Clara as she dreams of a magical world where dolls come to life and battles are fought between toy soldiers and mice.

In addition to the classic tale, special guest performances are often included in the show. These include professional dancers from all over the world who bring their own style and culture to the performance. This helps create an even more memorable experience for audience members.

The Nutcracker Ballet Fort Worth typically runs for two hours with one intermission. During this time, audiences will be treated to a stunning visual spectacle combined with exquisite music from Tchaikovsky’s original score.

This holiday season, why not treat yourself and your family to this delightful production? You’re sure to be captivated by the beauty of The Nutcracker Ballet Fort Worth’s magical world!


How long is The Nutcracker Ballet Fort Worth? It typically runs for two hours with one intermission, providing spectacular visuals and music that will leave you spellbound! So don’t miss out on this festive tradition – book your tickets today!