How Many Art Pieces Are in AP History?

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The number of art pieces in AP History is vast and varied. It includes everything from ancient artifacts to modern works of art. Depending on the focus of the course, the number of pieces can range from a few dozen to several thousand.

AP History courses typically cover a period of time that dates back thousands of years. Therefore, it’s not surprising that there are countless artifacts and works of art from this period that could be used in an AP History class. Ancient artifacts such as pottery, jewelry, statues, tools, weapons and coins are all examples of items that may be used in an AP History course.

In addition to ancient artifacts, modern works of art from various periods can also be used in an AP History class. Paintings, sculptures, photographs and other types of visual art can help illustrate concepts and ideas discussed in class. The number and variety of these works is virtually limitless as they span centuries and cultures across the globe.

The sheer number of artistic objects available for study in AP History classes can seem overwhelming at times. However, it is important to remember that these objects are often integral to understanding history and its complexities. By examining how different cultures have expressed their values through their artwork over time, students can gain insight into how those societies functioned and evolved over time.


The number of art pieces used in AP History classes varies depending on the focus of the course but can range from a few dozen to several thousand objects spanning thousands of years. Examining artwork from different cultures helps students gain insight into how societies have changed over time.