How Many Ballet Companies Are There in Germany?


Germany has a rich history of ballet, and its many companies are renowned worldwide. The country can boast of having over 40 ballet companies, both professional and amateur. Some of the most popular and well-known companies are the Berlin State Ballet, Bavarian State Ballet, Deutsche Oper Berlin, Staatsballett Berlin, Dresden Semperoper Ballet, Stuttgart Ballet, and more.

The Berlin State Ballet is one of the oldest and most prominent ballet companies in Germany. Founded in 1948 by choreographer John Neumeier and dancer Margot Fonteyn, the company has been performing for over 70 years.

The company is renowned for its repertoire of classical ballets as well as contemporary works. The company also offers educational programs for aspiring dancers.

The Bavarian State Ballet is another major German ballet company that has been performing since 1920. It is associated with the Bavarian State Opera House in Munich and performs a wide range of classical ballets as well as contemporary works throughout the year. The company has achieved international acclaim due to its high standard of performance and innovative productions.

The Deutsche Oper Berlin was founded in 1947 as a state opera house to promote German culture through music and dance performances. The company produces some of the most renowned operas such as Turandot, Carmen and La Boheme, but also offers ballets such as Le Corsaire or Don Quixote which have earned awards internationally. This renowned institution has been home to some of the greatest dancers such as Rudolf Nureyev or Mikhail Baryshnikov who have graced their stages with memorable performances.

The Staatsballett Berlin is another major player in Germany’s ballet scene that was founded in 2004 under director Martin Schläpfer from Switzerland. This modern ballet company focuses mainly on contemporary works which have earned them critical acclaim both nationally and internationally. They have performed at major festivals such as Edinburgh International Festival or Holland Dance Festival among others.


Germany boasts an impressive number of professional and amateur ballet companies that have achieved worldwide renown for their productions and performances; there are over 40 companies active in the country today including some of the world’s oldest institutions such as the Berlin State Ballet or Bavarian State Ballet which are known for their classical repertoires while still presenting innovative works from modern choreographers like Martin Schläpfer from Staatsballett Berlin who specialize in contemporary pieces.