How Many Floors Are in the Seattle Art Museum?

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The Seattle Art Museum (SAM), located in downtown Seattle, is home to an impressive collection of artwork from around the world. With two buildings and a sculpture park, SAM boasts over 25,000 works of art ranging from ancient to contemporary. But how many floors are there in SAM?

The main building of the Seattle Art Museum, located on First Avenue and University Street, has four floors.

The first floor houses the museum’s permanent collection, which includes paintings and sculptures from Europe, Asia, Africa and the Americas. On the second floor are galleries featuring modern and contemporary art from around the world. The third floor is dedicated to special exhibitions such as traveling shows and installations. Lastly, the fourth floor contains an auditorium for lectures, concerts and other events.

The second building of the Seattle Art Museum is the Olympic Sculpture Park (OSP). Located on Elliott Avenue along the waterfront in Seattle’s Belltown neighborhood, OSP features large-scale outdoor sculptures by artists such as Richard Serra, Mark di Suvero and Isamu Noguchi. This outdoor space also hosts exhibitions throughout the year.

In total, there are four floors in the main building of Seattle Art Museum and one outdoor space in its Olympic Sculpture Park. With its two buildings and a sculpture park showcasing artwork from around the world, SAM provides visitors with a unique experience that showcases both classic works of art as well as modern installations.