How Much Are Boston Ballet Nutcracker Tickets?


For many, the Boston Ballet’s performance of The Nutcracker is a beloved holiday tradition. Every year, the Boston Ballet puts on a stunning show filled with beautiful costumes and mesmerizing choreography.

If you’re looking to attend this year’s performance, you may be wondering how much Boston Ballet Nutcracker tickets cost.

The price of tickets for The Nutcracker depends on where you sit in the theater. Tickets for the orchestra section are usually more expensive than those for the mezzanine or balcony sections. Prices also vary depending on whether you’re purchasing individual tickets or a package deal that includes multiple performances.

It should also be noted that many venues offer discounts or special deals to those who purchase their tickets in advance. This can help save money on tickets and make it easier to plan your holiday season around seeing The Nutcracker.

For example, at The Wang Theatre in Boston, individual ticket prices range from $33 – $125 for orchestra seating, $38 – $90 for mezzanine seating and $28 – $60 for balcony seating. If you’re looking for a package deal, The Wang offers season subscriptions with discounts ranging from 10% to 20%.

No matter what your budget is, there are options available when it comes to enjoying the magical world of The Nutcracker!

Boston Ballet Nutcracker tickets can range in price depending on where you sit in the theater and whether you buy individual tickets or a package deal. Advance purchase discounts are also available at many venues, offering prices that may fit into almost any budget.

So if you’re looking to enjoy this classic holiday tradition this season, don’t forget to check out ticket prices ahead of time.


Boston Ballet Nutcracker tickets can range from as low as $28 all the way up to $125 depending on where you sit and if you purchase a package deal or individual tickets. Many venues offer discounts when purchasing in advance so it’s worth shopping around before committing to a purchase.