How Much Do NYC Ballet Dancers Make?


The NYC Ballet is renowned for its spectacular performances, exquisite costumes, and talented dancers. Every year, the NYC Ballet puts on dozens of performances at Lincoln Center and other venues around New York City. But how much do these ballet dancers make?

The wages of an NYC Ballet dancer depend upon the experience and skill level of the individual. Those who are just starting out as apprentices may make between $1,200 and $2,000 per week, while more experienced dancers may make up to $3,000 a week. Some of the most experienced dancers may even make as much as $5,000 or more per week during the peak performance season.

In addition to their wages, NYC Ballet dancers also receive additional benefits. This includes health insurance coverage, a retirement plan with employer contributions, and subsidized housing for those who live in New York City. These benefits can be especially helpful for those who have to relocate to New York City in order to pursue their career with the NYC Ballet.

The amount that NYC Ballet dancers earn also depends on how many performances they are scheduled for each season. During peak performance season – which typically runs from September through May – there may be as many as five or six shows per week that require a full cast of dancers. During this time period, an individual dancer’s earnings can increase significantly due to the extra performances they are required to perform.

The pay scale for NYC Ballet dancers also varies based on their status within the company. Those who hold principal roles can expect to make substantially more than those in smaller roles or corps de ballet positions. Additionally, soloists will earn more than an ensemble dancer because they have much more responsibility during a performance.

Overall, it is difficult to estimate exactly how much an individual dancer at the NYC Ballet might make each year because it depends upon so many factors including experience level and role within the company. However, it is clear that these professional ballet dancers enjoy competitive salaries and excellent benefits packages that can be very beneficial in helping them pursue their career goals with the world-renowned NYC Ballet Company.

Conclusion: The wages of an NYC Ballet dancer depend upon a variety of factors such as experience level and role within the company. The most experienced dancers may make up to $5,000 or more per week during peak performance season while apprentices may make between $1,200 and $2,000 per week. In addition to competitive salaries and wages, these professional ballet dancers also receive additional benefits such as health insurance coverage and subsidized housing in New York City if necessary.