How Much Does a Pair of Pointe Ballet Shoes Cost?

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Pointe ballet shoes are an essential part of a ballerina’s ensemble. They are the tool that allows a dancer to move gracefully and effortlessly on-stage, and can be the difference between a mediocre or outstanding performance. Pointe shoes come in many shapes and sizes, and their cost varies depending on the quality of the shoe and its intended purpose.

The most commonly used type of pointe shoe is the traditional satin slipper. These shoes are designed with flexible leather soles, suede toe boxes, elastics, and ribbons to provide support to the dancer’s feet and ankles.

The cost of these shoes range from $30-$90 depending on the brand and quality. Professional dancers will typically opt for higher-end brands such as Freed of London or Grishko which can cost up to $150 per pair.

Another type of pointe shoe is called a demi-pointe shoe. These shoes are designed for beginning dancers who may not yet have the strength and technique needed to dance en pointe (on their toes).

They provide support without sacrificing flexibility and comfort, allowing dancers to progress in their training without worrying about injury or pain. Demi-pointe shoes usually cost between $30-$50 per pair.

Finally, some dancers may opt for custom-made pointe shoes from companies such as Gaynor Minden or Russian Pointe . These shoes are designed specifically for each dancer’s individual foot shape, size, ankle flexibility, and style of dancing. The cost can range from $200-$400 per pair depending on how many fittings are necessary to ensure proper fitment.


The cost of pointe ballet shoes can vary greatly depending on what type of shoe is needed by the dancer. Traditional satin slippers typically range between $30-$90 per pair while custom-made shoes can be upwards of $400 per pair.

Demi-pointe shoes offer an economical option for beginning dancers at around $30-$50 per pair. Ultimately, it is up to each dancer to decide which type of shoe best fits their needs without breaking the bank!