How Much Does It Cost to Go to the Baltimore Museum of Art?

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The Baltimore Museum of Art (BMA) is one of the nation’s oldest and most beloved art museums. Located in the heart of downtown Baltimore, it contains a breathtaking collection of artwork from around the world.

Visitors can explore everything from ancient Egyptian sculptures to modern European paintings. With so much to see and do, many people are wondering: how much does it cost to go to the Baltimore Museum of Art?

Admission to the BMA is completely free for everyone. That’s right—there is no fee to enter the museum or view its permanent collection. This is great news for budget-conscious visitors who want to explore an incredible collection without breaking the bank.

If you’re looking for a special experience, there are also plenty of special events and programs available at the BMA. These include lectures, films, concerts, tours, workshops, and more. While some events require tickets or reservations, many are free or have discounted admission for members and/or students with valid ID.

In addition to free admission and special programs, the BMA also offers discounts on certain materials like publications and gifts in its museum shop. You can also save money on parking with a validated ticket from your visit to the museum.


For those who plan on visiting the BMA multiple times throughout the year or taking advantage of its special programming opportunities, membership may be worth considering. Membership starts at $50 per year for an individual and includes unlimited free admission as well as discounts on special events and purchases in the museum shop.

The Baltimore Museum of Art provides something for everyone—from budding art lovers to experienced connoisseurs—at an affordable price.


: The Baltimore Museum of Art offers free admission to all visitors but has plenty of additional opportunities for those who want a more immersive experience including discounted events and membership options starting at $50 per year for an individual.