How Much Does It Cost to Go to the NC Art Museum?

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The North Carolina Art Museum is a great place to visit in Raleigh, NC. It offers a range of exhibitions and activities for visitors to enjoy, and admission is free. However, there are some additional costs associated with visiting the museum that can make it a more expensive outing than expected.

Admission Fee: While admission to the museum is free, there are a few select exhibitions that do require an admission fee. For example, the special exhibits from featured artists often have an admission fee of $15 per person. Additionally, if you choose to attend any programs or workshops at the museum, there may be an additional cost associated with them.

Parking Fee: If you plan on driving to the museum, you will need to factor in parking fees. Parking at the museum lot is $2 per hour with a maximum daily fee of $10.

Food and Beverage Cost: The museum has both a café and a gift shop where visitors can purchase snacks and drinks. Snacks range from $3-5 while drinks cost around $2-3 depending on what you get. The gift shop also offers souvenirs and other items for purchase.

Additional Costs: There may be other costs associated with visiting the museum such as transportation costs if you don’t have your own car or babysitting/childcare fees if you’re bringing children along.

Conclusion: The total cost of visiting the NC Art Museum can vary greatly depending on how many people are attending, what activities you choose to do while there, and any additional costs associated with your visit such as parking fees or transportation costs. All in all, it can cost anywhere from nothing up to around $30 per person for a day at the North Carolina Art Museum.