How Much Does It Cost to Go to the Seattle Art Museum?

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The Seattle Art Museum (SAM) is a world-renowned collection of art, spanning over 20 centuries. The museum offers a wealth of exhibitions and activities, making it one of the most popular attractions in Seattle. But how much does it cost to go to the Seattle Art Museum?

Admission to the museum is free for SAM members, which can be obtained for $60 a year for an individual membership. For non-members, general admission is $24 for adults, $17 for seniors and students (with valid ID), and free for children under 12. If you’d like to experience an audio tour of the museum, that’s an additional $7 per person.

Aside from general admission tickets, there are also special exhibition tickets available.

These tickets vary in price depending on what exhibition you’d like to see. For example, “Van Gogh to Matisse: Masterworks from the National Gallery of Art” is $25 per adult ticket while “Dalí: Paintings from the Collection of Kees Goudzwaard” is $20 per adult ticket.

The museum also offers special programs and events throughout the year. These events may include lectures, performances, family activities, and more. Prices vary depending on the event but range from free to around $30 – 40 per person.

Finally, if you want to take home a souvenir from your visit to SAM, there are several gift shops throughout the museum that offer an array of books, artwork prints and other items related to art. Prices range from small trinkets at just a few dollars up to more expensive items such as original artwork.


The cost of visiting the Seattle Art Museum depends on whether you’re a member or not as well as what kind of experience you’re looking for. General admission tickets are reasonably priced at $24 for adults and free for children under 12.

Special exhibition tickets vary in price depending on what exhibition you’d like to see while special programs and events range from free up to around $30 – 40 per person. There’s also plenty of souvenirs available at various price points if you want something special from your visit!