How Much Does the School of American Ballet Cost?


The School of American Ballet (SAB) is one of the world’s leading schools for classical ballet training. Founded in 1934 by George Balanchine and Lincoln Kirstein, SAB has since become an internationally renowned institution. The school offers a comprehensive training program for aspiring professional dancers, and its alumni have gone on to become some of the most celebrated dancers in the world. But what does it cost to attend this prestigious school?

The cost of attending SAB varies depending on a student’s level of commitment. Those who are only taking classes part-time will pay significantly less than those who are enrolled full-time.

Additionally, tuition fees can also vary based on a student’s age and experience level. For example, students aged 14 and under typically pay less than those aged 15 or older.

Tuition fees at SAB range from $2,000 to $15,000 per year depending on the student’s level of commitment and experience. This includes the cost of classes as well as any additional fees for special programs or events. Additionally, there may be additional costs for costumes or performance tickets.

For those who cannot afford the tuition at SAB, there are financial aid programs available to help cover some or all of the costs. These programs may include grants, scholarships, and other forms of aid that can help make attending SAB more affordable.

In conclusion

The cost of attending the School of American Ballet can vary widely depending on a student’s commitment level and experience. Tuition fees range from $2,000 to $15,000 per year while financial aid may be available to help cover some or all of these costs. Ultimately, it is important to consider all factors when budgeting for education at SAB.