How Tall Is the Denver Art Museum?

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The Denver Art Museum is a world-renowned destination for art lovers and curious tourists. It is home to a vast collection of artwork from many different cultures, as well as a variety of unique and interesting exhibitions.

But just how tall is this iconic building?

The Denver Art Museum stands at an impressive height of 345 feet. This makes it the tallest building in the city, towering over other nearby buildings such as the Colorado State Capitol and the Brown Palace Hotel & Spa.

The museum was designed by architect Daniel Libeskind and opened in 2006, making it one of the newest additions to the Denver skyline.

The exterior of the building consists of two separate structures: the North Building and the Frederic C. Hamilton Building. The North Building stands at 200 feet tall, while the Hamilton Building stands at 145 feet tall. Together, they make up the full height of 345 feet that can be seen from afar.

Inside, visitors will find 10 floors filled with artwork, exhibits, and educational experiences. The Hamilton Building houses a variety of permanent collections from around the world, while the North Building focuses on contemporary artworks from local artists. There are also interactive spaces for children to explore their creativity and learn more about art.

The Denver Art Museum is more than just a building; it’s an experience that offers visitors a chance to explore different cultures and view some of the most remarkable works of art in history. Its impressive height adds to its grandeur and appeal, making it one of Denver’s most recognizable landmarks.


At 345 feet tall, the Denver Art Museum is one of Denver’s most impressive landmarks and offers visitors an incredible cultural experience that they won’t soon forget. With its two distinct buildings – The North Building and The Frederic C. Hamilton Building – standing side by side, this iconic structure is an awe-inspiring sight that can be admired from afar.