Is a Masters in Art History Worth It?

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For those who are passionate about art and its history, a Masters degree in Art History may be a perfect fit. Such a degree offers a comprehensive overview of the history of art as well as its major movements and trends, with the opportunity to specialize in one or more specific areas or periods. It can also provide the chance to study abroad, add additional language skills and experience new cultures.

A Masters in Art History will provide students with the knowledge they need to pursue careers related to the field such as museum curation, auction house work, conservation, restoration, gallery management and more. In addition to providing students with traditional academic training and research skills, these programs also focus on developing critical thinking and writing abilities which are highly sought after by employers.

Along with this academic training, many Masters programs offer internships which give students hands-on experience of working in museums or galleries. This is invaluable for those looking to gain practical knowledge and make connections in the industry. Additionally, there are many scholarships available for those studying art history.

However, it is worth noting that Art History is a complex subject which requires hard work and dedication. Students should expect to face intense competition for internships and jobs as well as high expectations from employers. Additionally, salaries may not be as high as other fields so it’s important to consider carefully whether this is something you can realistically commit to.


A Masters degree in Art History can definitely be worth it for those who have the passion and commitment required to succeed in such an undertaking. With its comprehensive overview of the history of art combined with practical experience through internships and scholarships available, this could be an excellent choice for anyone looking for a career related to art.