Is Art History a Common Major?

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The study of art history is an interdisciplinary subject that encompasses a wide range of topics, from ancient times to the present day. It is a field that seeks to understand art from a historical perspective, examining it in relation to its cultural, social, and political contexts. Art history investigates the development of different forms of art, as well as its impact on society and cultures.

Art history is an exciting field for students who are passionate about the visual arts. It combines an understanding of the visual language with knowledge of art history.

This includes developing an appreciation for how different works are connected to each other historically and culturally. Art historians should be able to make connections between past and present works and be able to analyze them critically.

In order to pursue a career in art history, most students need a degree in the subject. There are many options available for undergraduate and graduate studies in this area depending on one’s interests.

Common majors include studio art, anthropology, archaeology, history, foreign languages, philosophy and sociology. Those who wish to specialize may choose to focus on a specific period or region. In some cases, students may also opt for more specialized areas such as curatorial studies or conservation science.

No matter which major one pursues in art history, there are numerous career paths available for graduates with experience in the field. Curators work with museums or galleries to create exhibitions and collections; conservators restore works of art; gallery directors manage operations; historians research topics related to their specialty; librarians organize resources; publicists promote events; professors teach classes at universities; researchers conduct research projects; writers create articles or books about topics related to their specialty.


In conclusion, while it is not necessarily common for students majoring in art history specifically, it is certainly possible for those interested in this area to pursue it through other majors such as studio art or anthropology. As there are numerous career paths available for graduates with experience in this field, it can be an exciting opportunity for those passionate about the visual arts.