Is Art History a Good Degree?

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Art history is a great degree to pursue if you have an interest in the history of art, art movements, and how art has shaped the world. It is an interdisciplinary field that combines aspects of sociology, anthropology, psychology, philosophy, and history. It is an exciting field of study that provides students with the opportunity to explore different cultural perspectives on art and its role in society.

In today’s globalized world, it has become increasingly important for people to understand different cultures and their artistic expressions. Art history can provide students with a greater understanding of the diversity of human creativity and its impact on our lives. Students who choose to pursue this degree will gain valuable knowledge about the history of art from various parts of the world and explore how art has been used throughout time to convey ideas, emotions, and feelings.

In addition to gaining a deep understanding of the historical context behind various works of art, students will also be exposed to different methods of artistic expression. For example, they may learn about photography, sculpture, painting, printmaking, drawing, performance art, digital media arts, and more. They will also be exposed to various theories concerning aesthetics and design.

One of the most beneficial aspects of studying art history is that it provides students with a well-rounded education in both the humanities and social sciences. Students are taught how to critically analyze works of art while also being able to draw connections between them and other relevant topics such as politics or religion. In addition to this analytical approach to art appreciation, students will also gain practical skills such as writing essays or research papers that can be beneficial for future career paths.


Overall, studying Art History is a great way for those who are intrigued by visual culture or want to gain a better understanding of different cultures around the world. It provides students with an enriched education in both humanities and social sciences while giving them practical skills applicable for future career paths. Therefore it can be said that Art History is indeed a great degree choice.