Is Art History a Hard Class?

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Art history is the study of the visual arts, from ancient to modern times. It can be a difficult class for those who are not familiar with art or its history. Art history courses often cover a wide range of topics, including the history of painting, sculpture, architecture, graphic design and photography.

Those taking an art history class must be prepared to spend time researching and studying the historical context and meaning behind works of art. Art history courses often require students to identify and analyze works of art from different cultures and eras. This requires students to have an understanding of the cultural and political context in which these works were created.

Additionally, they must be able to recognize the various types of media used in these works.

In addition to researching and analyzing artwork, those taking an art history class must also develop a deep understanding of aesthetic theory and learn how to write critically about artwork. Aesthetic theory is a set of principles used to determine what makes something beautiful or pleasing. Writing critically about artwork requires students to go beyond simply describing what they see; they must also consider how their observations relate to larger artistic trends or themes.

Finally, those taking an art history class must also develop an understanding of how different movements in art have developed over time. This includes learning about the influences that certain artists had on other artists or movements, as well as learning about the cultural environment in which certain movements emerged or flourished.


In conclusion, Art History can be a hard class for those unfamiliar with visual arts or its historical context but with dedication and hard work it is possible for any student to succeed in this subject.