Is Art History an Easy Major?

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It’s no secret that Art History is a popular major among college students. But is it an easy major? To answer that question, we need to consider the difficulty of the courses, the amount of work required, and the rewards that come with majoring in Art History.

The Coursework

The courses required for a successful completion of an Art History major can vary from school to school. Generally, students will take courses in art history, art theory and criticism, museum studies, and other related topics.

They may also have to take classes in other fields such as anthropology or sociology. The difficulty of these courses can range from relatively easy to quite challenging depending on the school and instructor. Additionally, some schools may require additional coursework such as foreign language study or research projects.

The Workload

In addition to coursework, majors will also be expected to dedicate significant amounts of time outside of class reading and analyzing artwork. This could include visiting museums or galleries or studying various art movements throughout history.

Art history majors must also be prepared for rigorous writing assignments such as research papers or critical essays on specific works of art. They must also be willing to invest time in their studies if they wish to excel in their subject matter.

The Rewards

Though it may require a significant amount of work and dedication, majoring in Art History can be extremely rewarding for those who are passionate about the subject matter. Students who complete their degree program often go on to pursue successful careers in museums, galleries, libraries, and universities. Additionally, a degree in Art History provides students with a unique perspective on human history and culture which can prove invaluable throughout their lives.


Ultimately, whether or not Art History is an “easy” major depends largely on individual preferences and goals. It requires an intense dedication to coursework and research which may prove difficult for some students; however, those who are passionate about Art History can find immense rewards both professionally and personally by pursuing this degree path.