Is Art History Competitive?

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Art History is a broad subject that encompasses the study of the history and development of art from pre-historic times to the present day. It is a highly competitive field that requires an in-depth knowledge of art and its history, as well as a strong command of language and analytical skills. Art historians must be able to analyze works of art, identify stylistic influences, trace the development of movements, and draw meaningful conclusions about the purpose and meaning behind them.

The competition for jobs in Art History is intense, especially for those wishing to enter academia. Prospective art historians need to demonstrate both academic excellence and passion for the field in order to stand out from the crowd.

Academic institutions often look for applicants who have experience with research, writing, and teaching, as these are all important components of an effective art historian. Applicants should also have strong presentation skills to be able to give lectures on their subject matter.

In addition to academic qualifications, prospective art historians should also have a comprehensive understanding of different artistic styles and movements throughout history. It is important to be familiar with both historical works of art as well as modern developments in order to fully understand how these influence each other and shape contemporary interpretations of artwork. A good understanding of artistic techniques such as color theory, composition, figure drawing, etc., will help put applicants ahead of the competition when it comes to researching and analyzing artwork.

Those wishing to pursue a career in Art History should also have excellent communication skills since they will be expected to communicate their findings effectively both verbally and through written reports or articles. Additionally, they must be able assess their own work objectively in order to make accurate assessments on the significance or impact a particular piece may have had on artistic movements or world history at large.

All in all, Art History is an extremely competitive field that requires a lot more than just academic qualifications. Those wishing to pursue this path should demonstrate their passion for the subject by immersing themselves in its study while also taking advantage of any opportunities they can find learn more about it through internships or related fields such as museum studies or curatorial work.


In conclusion, Art History is indeed a highly competitive field that requires dedication and commitment from those who wish to pursue it professionally. Prospective art historians must possess not only academic qualifications but also an extensive knowledge base on various artistic styles throughout history along with strong research skills in order to stand out from other applicants.