Is Art History Hard in College?

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When it comes to college-level art history courses, the difficulty level can vary greatly depending on the professor and the student. Art history is a field that requires you to have a deep understanding of multiple artistic styles, genres, and eras.

As such, it can be quite challenging for a student who may not have prior experience with this type of material.

Art history classes typically require students to read through dense and long texts filled with complex terminology. Additionally, many classes require students to analyze visual elements of artwork such as color, texture, shape, and composition in order to understand the artist’s intent. This type of analysis can be difficult for someone who is not well-versed in art.

To make things even more challenging, some professors will assign projects that require students to perform extensive research on a topic. These projects often involve analyzing artwork from different periods and cultures in order to draw connections and make comparisons. This type of work requires a great deal of knowledge about art history.


In conclusion, art history is definitely a difficult course for many college students. It requires in-depth knowledge about various artistic eras and styles as well as an ability to analyze visual elements of artwork. Furthermore, many professors assign projects that require extensive research on a topic which can be quite challenging for some students.

Is Art History Hard in College?

Yes, art history can be difficult in college depending on the professor and the student’s prior experience with this subject matter.