Is Ballet Shoes Based on a Book?

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Ballet Shoes is a British television film that was released in 2007. Based on the novel of the same name by Noel Streatfeild, it tells the story of three orphan girls who are adopted by an eccentric explorer and his wife.

The movie follows the lives of Pauline, Petrova and Posy Fossil as they become part of a large family with their many relatives. As the girls grow up, they all find their own individual paths in life, while still maintaining a close bond with each other.

The movie is set in 1930s London and captures the beauty of that era with its costume design and production design. The costumes range from traditional 1920s style to more modern 1940s styles, giving the film an interesting aesthetic.

The performances in Ballet Shoes are great as well, with Emma Watson playing Pauline as a young girl, Yasmin Paige playing Petrova as an older girl and Lucy Boynton playing Posy. Each actress gives a wonderful performance that brings out their characters’ personalities perfectly. The other cast members also give great performances, bringing out the charm of this family-oriented movie perfectly.

Ballet Shoes has some truly wonderful musical numbers that capture both the time period and the heartache of growing up without parents. The score by composer Anne Dudley captures this beautifully and serves to bring out all the emotion behind each scene in the film.

Overall, Ballet Shoes is a wonderful movie that captures both the beauty of 1930s London and all its inhabitants as well as capturing what it was like to grow up without parents during this time period.

Is Ballet Shoes Based on a Book?
Yes! Ballet Shoes is based on Noel Streatfeild’s novel of the same name which originally published in 1936.

The novel follows three orphaned sisters who are adopted by an eccentric explorer and his wife and how they grow up together while following their individual paths in life. The novel was adapted into a television film in 2007 which retains much of its original charm while adding some great production values to make it even better!