Is Ballet White Too Yellow?


Ballet has been around for centuries, and throughout its evolution it has been seen as a white, upper-class art form. While there have been attempts to make it more accessible and inclusive, question still remains as to whether or not ballet is too white.

In recent years, there have been initiatives to make ballet more open to minorities. Organizations such as Dance Theatre of Harlem, the Dance Exchange and Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater have all worked to bring diversity into the art form.

Even major ballet companies like the American Ballet Theatre and The Royal Ballet are taking steps to cast people of color in their productions.

However, despite these efforts, many believe that ballet is still too white and that not enough progress has been made in this area. It can be argued that there are still too few people of color in lead roles or even in the corps de ballet at major companies.

In addition, some feel that the stories told through ballet are often not representative of diverse cultures or experiences.

The Debate Around Ballet’s Whiteness

The debate over whether or not ballet is too white is a complex one. On one hand, many believe that it should be more inclusive and representative of different backgrounds and cultures. Others argue that there should not be any quotas or restrictions when it comes to casting dancers for major productions.

There is no easy answer when it comes to this issue, but what is clear is that more work needs to be done in order to make ballet a more diverse art form.

Companies need to continue working towards casting people of color in lead roles and telling stories which reflect different backgrounds and experiences.


Is Ballet White Too Yellow? Ultimately, this is a difficult question with no clear answer. While organizations have taken steps towards making ballet more inclusive, there is still much work left to do in order for it to truly become an art form representative of all people.