Is Cleveland Museum of Art Free?

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Cleveland Museum of Art is a prestigious art museum located in Cleveland, Ohio. It was founded in 1913 and has since become one of the most renowned art museums in the United States.

The museum houses a wide range of artwork from ancient times to the present day, including paintings, sculptures, decorative arts and more. With over 45,000 works of art on display, it is one of the largest art museums in the country.

The Cleveland Museum of Art offers several different admission options for visitors. General admission is free to all visitors every day.

In addition to this, they offer discounted admission prices for seniors and students. They also have several special exhibits throughout the year with varying admission fees.

The Cleveland Museum of Art also hosts a variety of events and programs such as lectures, films screenings and workshops which are open to the public at no charge. They also have several educational programs available for students and educators alike.

The museum has an extensive library with more than 200,000 volumes featuring research materials about art history and related topics. The library is open to the public during regular hours with free Wi-Fi access.

In conclusion, it can be said that the Cleveland Museum of Art is indeed free for all visitors each day. However, there are some special exhibitions throughout the year that may require an additional fee for admission. Nevertheless, there are plenty of events and programs open to everyone at no cost as well as an extensive library with free Wi-Fi access.