Is Columbus Museum of Art Free on Sunday?

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The Columbus Museum of Art, located in the Columbus metropolitan area, is a popular destination for art lovers. Founded in 1931, it houses a wide collection of works from around the world, including painting, sculpture, and photography. Visitors to the museum can also explore its various exhibitions and attend cultural events.

The museum is free to visit year-round on Sundays. This generous policy makes it possible for everyone to appreciate its collections without worrying about admission fees. Visitors who want to support the museum can purchase items from its gift shop or become members.

The museum also offers a variety of programs that are free or discounted on Sundays. These include guided tours, family activities, and workshops. Additionally, it hosts special events such as art classes and lectures throughout the year.

In addition to its regular Sunday hours, the Columbus Museum of Art is open late on the first Thursday of each month. Visitors can take advantage of this extended time period to explore all that the museum has to offer without worrying about admission fees.


Yes, Columbus Museum of Art is free on Sundays allowing everyone to enjoy its collections without worry about admission fees. It also provides a variety of additional programs which are either free or discounted during this time period.