Is Essie Ballet Slippers Sheer?


Essie Ballet Slippers is a classic pale pink shade that has been the go-to for many women looking to achieve a timeless, soft manicure. The sheerness of the color is often debated, with some claiming it’s completely sheer while others argue it has an opaque finish. So what is the truth?

Essie Ballet Slippers is indeed sheer in color, but it does have an opaque finish when applied correctly. It has a milky-like consistency when first applied that helps it to blend in with your natural nail bed.

As you layer on additional coats, the color becomes more opaque and can be built up to your desired level of coverage. Because of this buildable nature, Essie Ballet Slippers is incredibly versatile and can be used as either a light wash of color or a full-coverage manicure.

It’s important to note that the application process can make a big difference in the end result of your Essie Ballet Slippers manicure. Applying too much polish too quickly can cause it to become thick and difficult to work with, resulting in streaky or uneven layers. To ensure an even coverage, start with thin layers and let them dry completely before adding more polish.


In conclusion, Essie Ballet Slippers is indeed sheer in color but can be built up to an opaque finish depending on how many coats are applied. With patience and proper application techniques, you can create beautiful manis with this classic shade.