Is It Worth It to Take AP Art History?

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Advanced Placement Art History is a college-level course that examines the histories of art movements, periods, and styles. It introduces students to the art of many cultures and provides an opportunity to explore works of art in greater depth than they may have had in other courses.

The AP Art History exam is the culmination of a year’s worth of hard work and study. It is an important tool for preparing students for college-level coursework in the field.

AP Art History is not just about memorizing facts and figures; it is also about engaging with works of art and understanding their cultural context. It teaches students to think critically about art from different eras, as well as how different cultures have shaped our understanding of art today. Through this course, students become well-versed in topics such as symbolism, history, iconography, patronage, and more.

The AP Art History exam consists of two sections: multiple-choice questions and free-response questions. The multiple-choice section tests your knowledge of various artistic movements and styles, while the free-response section requires you to analyze specific works of art from a variety of cultures. The free-response section also asks you to compare two works from different time periods or cultures.

In order to do well on the AP Art History exam, you must be willing to put in a great deal of effort and dedication. You should be prepared to spend several hours a week studying for the exam by reading textbooks, attending lectures or seminars related to art history topics, and looking at online resources such as museum websites or databases. Taking practice tests can also help you get used to the structure and content of the exam questions so that you can better prepare yourself for success on test day.

Taking an AP Art History course can be a great way for any student interested in pursuing higher education in the field to gain valuable skills and knowledge that will help them succeed in college courses related to art history or related disciplines such as visual culture studies or anthropology. Additionally, doing well on this exam can show potential colleges that you are capable of handling college-level material with ease; thus increasing your chances for admission into a prestigious university or college.


In conclusion, taking an Advanced Placement Art History course can provide invaluable skills necessary for success both within university courses related to art history as well as within admissions applications themselves; making it worth taking if you are looking at pursuing further studies within this field.