Is Pacific Northwest Ballet Balanchine?


The Pacific Northwest Ballet (PNB) is one of the most renowned ballet companies in North America. Founded in 1972 by Peter Boal, PNB has grown to become a highly respected and sought-after institution in the world of ballet.

One of the main reasons for PNB’s success is their commitment to utilizing the works of legendary choreographer George Balanchine. As a Russian-born American dancer and choreographer, Balanchine’s impact on modern ballet is undeniable; his neoclassical style is credited with revolutionizing ballet, as it shifted focus away from traditional European techniques and instead embraced a more dynamic use of space and movement. This innovative style has become synonymous with PNB’s repertoire, as many of their productions feature Balanchine’s work.

As a company, PNB has worked hard to preserve and promote Balanchine’s legacy. In addition to performing his pieces, they have developed programs to teach and explore his technique. Through these initiatives, they have made a significant effort to ensure that his influence will remain alive for future generations of dancers.

At the same time, PNB also strives to incorporate works by other renowned choreographers into their performances. While they certainly honor and respect Balanchine’s contributions to dance, they also recognize the importance of presenting new works by other artists in order to provide audiences with a diverse range of experiences. This balance between tradition and innovation is one of the hallmarks of PNB’s repertoire, making them one of the most exciting companies in the world today.


Overall, it’s clear that Pacific Northwest Ballet takes great pride in promoting Balanchine’s works while simultaneously encouraging new choreographers. They are dedicated to preserving his legacy while providing audiences with a fresh perspective on dance through contemporary works from other artists. Ultimately, this fusion between classic and modern makes them true ambassadors for ballet as an art form – yes, Pacific Northwest Ballet is undeniably Balanchine!