Is Pennsylvania Ballet Now Philadelphia Ballet?


The Pennsylvania Ballet is a dance company located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. It was founded in 1963 by Barbara Weisberger, who envisioned a company that would bring the best of classical ballet to the city of brotherly love. Over the years, the company has grown and evolved, becoming one of the most respected and acclaimed ballet companies in the world.

The Pennsylvania Ballet has always been committed to presenting exciting new works and reviving classic ballets from the past. In recent years, they have also begun to explore more contemporary styles of dance such as hip hop and jazz. This move towards a more diverse repertory has helped them remain relevant and accessible to a new generation of audiences.

In 2008, the company changed its name from Pennsylvania Ballet to Philadelphia Ballet as part of an effort to better reflect its mission to be an integral part of Philadelphia’s cultural life. The new name reflects the fact that the company is not only based in Philadelphia but celebrates its heritage as well. The move also helps distinguish it from other regional ballet companies such as Pennsylvania Ballet II and North Carolina Dance Theatre which are both based in Pennsylvania but serve different audiences.

The transition from Pennsylvania Ballet to Philadelphia Ballet has allowed the company to continue on its mission of bringing world-class ballet performances to Philadelphia. The new name is reflective of their commitment to providing quality entertainment for local audiences while also presenting innovative works from around the globe. As they continue on their journey towards becoming one of America’s premier ballet companies, they will remain firmly rooted in their home city while pushing boundaries with their artistry and repertoire.

So is Pennsylvania Ballet now Philadelphia Ballet? Yes, it is – but that doesn’t mean it’s any less committed to bringing classical ballet excellence and innovation to audiences around world!