Is the Australian Ballet Cancelled?


The Australian Ballet is one of the most renowned and beloved companies in the world. It has been performing for over 50 years, and its performances are known for their grace and beauty. Unfortunately, due to the current coronavirus pandemic, the Australian Ballet has been forced to cancel its upcoming shows.

The decision to cancel all performances was made after a thorough review of government restrictions and advice from medical experts. The health and safety of audience members, artists and staff is of paramount importance. As such, the Australian Ballet had no choice but to make this difficult decision in order to protect everyone involved.

The Australian Ballet has also had to take other measures in order to cope with the crisis. A number of staff have been let go, while others have taken pay cuts or have been placed on reduced work hours. These drastic measures are necessary in order to ensure the survival of the company during these unprecedented times.

The cancellation of performances by the Australian Ballet has been a major blow for ballet lovers around the world who were looking forward to seeing their favourite dancers perform live on stage again. However, it is a necessary step that must be taken in order to protect everyone involved from potential infection.

Yes, unfortunately, due to the coronavirus pandemic, The Australian Ballet has had to cancel all upcoming shows and take other drastic measures in order to protect everyone involved from potential infection and ensure its own survival during these difficult times.