Is the Australian Ballet Good?


The Australian Ballet is widely regarded as one of the best classical ballet companies in the world. With a long and successful history that dates back to 1962, the Australian Ballet has continued to produce performances of a consistently high standard that have attracted critical acclaim and public admiration.

The company’s repertoire covers a wide range of styles, from traditional classics such as Giselle and Swan Lake to contemporary pieces like Graeme Murphy’s The Silver Rose. This diversity allows audiences to experience a variety of different aspects of the art form, and is one reason why the company has such an enduring appeal.

The Australian Ballet also excels in its commitment to training and developing dancers who are capable of performing at the highest level. The company provides extensive instruction in technique and artistry, as well as mentoring opportunities for emerging artists. This dedication to nurturing talent means that the Australian Ballet is able to produce performances with a strong technical foundation and creative excellence.

The Australian Ballet has also been praised for its commitment to education and outreach programs, which provide an important platform for audiences of all ages to learn about the art form and engage with it through workshops, talks, and other activities. The company also regularly takes its productions on tour around Australia so that more people can have access to their performances.


It is clear that the Australian Ballet is one of the most accomplished classical ballet companies in the world. With its impressive repertoire, commitment to training performers, and dedication to education and outreach programs, it is easy to see why this company has earned its reputation as an outstanding organization that produces high-quality performances. Therefore, it can be said without hesitation that the Australian Ballet is indeed good.