Is the Joslyn Art Museum Closing?

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The Joslyn Art Museum in Omaha, Nebraska has been an iconic landmark in the city for decades. Known for its impressive collections of art, the museum has been a fixture of the local arts and culture scene. However, recently there have been rumors swirling that the museum could be facing closure.

The rumors began when news broke that Omaha’s Union Pacific Railroad had announced plans to close the nearby Durham Museum, which is also owned by Union Pacific. This news sparked speculation that the Joslyn Art Museum might be next on the list for closure, as it is also owned by Union Pacific.

The uncertainty around the future of the museum has caused a stir in Omaha’s art community. Supporters of the museum have launched campaigns to keep it open and many have voiced their support for its continued existence. Local businesses and groups have also pledged their support for keeping it open, with some even offering to provide financial assistance if needed.

At this point, nothing has been officially announced regarding a potential closure of Joslyn Art Museum but it remains unclear what will happen in the future. Union Pacific has yet to comment on any possible plans they may have for the museum and until they do so, its future remains uncertain.


At this time it is unclear whether or not Joslyn Art Museum will be closing. There are no official announcements yet from Union Pacific regarding any future plans they may have for the museum and until then, its fate remains unknown.