Is the Metropolitan Museum of Art Closing?

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The Metropolitan Museum of Art, or “The Met” as it is commonly known, has been a New York City landmark since its opening in 1872. Situated in the heart of Manhattan on Fifth Avenue, The Met is one of the world’s largest and most visited art museums.

To New Yorkers and tourists alike, The Met is a beloved cultural attraction that showcases a vast array of art from all over the world.

So when news spread that The Met was closing its doors due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, many people were left stunned and saddened. The museum had been closed since March 12th due to health concerns, but now the closure is indefinite due to budget constraints.

While this news came as a shock to many, it is important to note that The Met’s closure does not mean that it will be gone forever. The museum has already released plans for how they intend to stay in business despite the current crisis.

The Met has announced a partnership with Google Arts & Culture in order to give their visitors access to virtual tours of the museum and its collections. This program will allow visitors from all around the globe to explore some of the world’s most famous works of art without ever leaving their homes.

In addition to this virtual tour program, The Met has also implemented an online membership program which will allow patrons access to exclusive content such as lectures from curators and interviews with artists featured in the museum’s collections.

The Metropolitan Museum of Art may be closed for now, but it is still very much alive and well. With their new digital initiatives, they are ensuring that art lovers everywhere can still experience their beloved museum even if they cannot visit it in person.


No, The Metropolitan Museum of Art is not closing permanently. Although its physical location has been temporarily closed due to health concerns related to COVID-19, they have implemented various digital initiatives that allow people from all over the world access to virtual tours and exclusive content associated with their collections.