Is the Milwaukee Art Museum Fully Open?

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The Milwaukee Art Museum is one of the largest art museums in the United States, and has been a staple of the Milwaukee art scene for decades. It features a wide variety of artworks from all over the world, ranging from Baroque to contemporary. In recent years, the museum has seen an increase in visitors due to its ever-growing collection and its impressive architecture.

The museum is currently operating with limited hours and safety protocols due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The museum is open four days a week on Thursday through Sunday from 10am-5pm. Masks are mandatory for all guests, and there is a limit on how many people can be in each gallery at one time.

The museum also offers virtual tours for those who would prefer to experience the artwork without leaving their homes.

In addition to its current operations, the Milwaukee Art Museum also offers several special events throughout the year that feature different types of artwork and activities. These events are usually held outdoors or online due to social distancing guidelines. The museum also offers a variety of educational opportunities, including workshops and classes for children and adults alike.

Overall, while the Milwaukee Art Museum is not operating at full capacity due to COVID-19 restrictions, it still provides visitors with an opportunity to experience some of the finest artwork in the world. Its limited hours are still worth visiting for those who have an appreciation for art, and its virtual tours provide a great way for anyone who cannot make it in person to still enjoy what it has to offer.

Conclusion: Is the Milwaukee Art Museum Fully Open? No, but it still provides visitors with plenty of opportunities to enjoy its world-class artwork despite limited hours due to COVID-19 restrictions. Its virtual tours provide an excellent way for anyone unable to visit in person to experience its collection from home.