Is the Paris Opera Ballet School Real?


The Paris Opera Ballet School, renowned for its excellence and the quality of its dancers, has been around since 1661. The school is renowned for its training of top-tier ballet dancers who have gone on to perform all over the world.

The school has produced some of the most famous names in ballet such as Margot Fonteyn, Rudolf Nureyev, and Sylvie Guillem.

The school’s curriculum consists of rigorous and intensive technical training in all areas of classical ballet technique including pointe work, variations and pas de deux. The program also includes instruction in modern dance, character dance, repertoire classes and other styles as well as classes in music theory and history of dance.

The school’s faculty is made up of highly experienced professionals from the world of ballet who have been hand-picked by the director to ensure that students receive only the best instruction available. Students are also given individual attention from their teachers and mentors so that they can reach their full potential as performers.

In addition to their technical training, students at the Paris Opera Ballet School benefit from a wide variety of cultural activities such as theater performances, concerts and art exhibitions. This helps to broaden their artistic horizons as well as give them a better understanding of their art form.


Yes, the Paris Opera Ballet School is a real educational institution established in 1661 that trains aspiring dancers looking to make it professionally in classical ballet. It is highly regarded for its excellence and produces some of the most famous names in ballet today.