What Are 5 Major Ballet Companies?


The world of ballet is full of beauty, grace, and artistry – which is why it has been enjoyed by so many people for centuries. Ballet companies are the backbone of this art form, providing the stage for dancers to express themselves and share their love of the art with audiences all over the world. There are many different ballet companies out there, but these five major companies have set the standard for excellence in ballet.

The Royal Ballet

The Royal Ballet is one of the most renowned ballet companies in the world. Founded in 1931 by Ninette de Valois, the Royal Ballet is based in London’s Covent Garden and performs a wide range of classical and contemporary ballets. The company consists of 140 dancers from all over the world who come together to create some of the most inspiring performances around.

American Ballet Theatre

American Ballet Theatre (ABT) was founded in 1940 by Lucia Chase and Richard Pleasant and has since become one of America’s foremost dance companies. ABT performs a variety of ballets from both classical and modern repertoires on stages all over the United States. The company also hosts a yearly summer intensive program that provides aspiring dancers with an opportunity to hone their skills.

The Bolshoi Ballet

The Bolshoi Ballet, based in Moscow, is one of Russia’s oldest and most prestigious dance companies. Founded in 1776, this company has been responsible for training some of the best dancers in history including Rudolf Nureyev and Mikhail Baryshnikov. The Bolshoi performs a mix of classic Russian ballets as well as more modern productions.

Paris Opera Ballet

The Paris Opera Ballet is one of France’s most renowned ballet companies. Founded in 1669, this company has been at the forefront of classical ballet for centuries. The Paris Opera Ballet performs a variety of ballets from both classic French repertoire as well as contemporary works from all over Europe.

Kirov Ballet

The Kirov Ballet was founded in 1783 by Empress Catherine II and has since developed into one of Russia’s most famous dance troupes. This company is known for its technical precision, expressive style, and powerful performances. The Kirov specializes in performing classic Russian ballets such as Swan Lake and Giselle.


These five major ballet companies have earned their place at the top due to their commitment to excellence and dedication to preserving this timeless art form. From The Royal Ballet to American Ballet Theatre to Paris Opera Ballet, there are plenty of incredible opportunities available for people who want to experience some amazing performances or even pursue a career as a professional dancer.