What Are Ballet Fans Called?


For centuries, ballet has been one of the world’s most popular forms of art. From its origins in the royal courts of France to its modern-day iterations in the form of contemporary and hip hop dance, ballet has captivated audiences for centuries. But what are those who are passionate about ballet called?

Ballet fans, or “balletomanes”, as they are more commonly known, are those who have a deep appreciation for ballet and all that it stands for. Balletomanes are often dedicated to attending performances, talking about and studying the history and technique of the art form, and even collecting memorabilia related to their favorite ballets. In fact, many balletomanes travel all over the world to attend performances of their favorite companies.

Balletomanes often form a close-knit community with one another, as they share a common passion for the art form. They may bond over their love of certain ballets or choreographers or discuss ways to spread awareness about ballet and its importance in today’s society. Balletomanes also often have an intense knowledge base about various aspects of ballet such as its history, costumes, and music.

In conclusion, those who have a deep appreciation for ballet are known as “balletomanes” or “ballet fans”. These individuals often form a close-knit community with one another where they can bond over their shared love of this beautiful art form. Whether they attend performances or study up on its history and technique, all balletomanes share a common passion for this timeless art form.