What Are Beginner Ballet Shoes Called?

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Beginner ballet shoes are essential for any dancer starting out on their journey, allowing them to comfortably and properly perform the movements of ballet. It is important to find the right shoe type as they provide the necessary support and protection needed while dancing. They also give a dancer the correct grip on the floor and help to maintain balance and posture during a performance.

There are several types of shoes available for beginner ballet dancers: Leather Ballet Shoes, Canvas Ballet Shoes, Split-Sole Ballet Shoes, Character Shoes, and Pointe Shoes. Leather ballet shoes are made from leather and have an elastic strap across the top to secure them onto the foot. They provide good support for a dancer’s feet and are ideal for beginner classes. Canvas ballet shoes are similar to leather ones but with a softer sole which provides more flexibility when dancing.

Split-sole ballet shoes have two separate pieces on the sole, allowing for greater flexibility in movement; these are especially beneficial for advanced dancers. Character shoes have a heel which gives extra height when performing certain steps and gives a more elegant look to movements; they can also be used in social dances such as salsa or tango. Finally, pointe shoes are only worn by advanced dancers who need extra support when performing en pointe; these require special training and should not be worn without first seeking professional advice.


In summary, beginner ballet shoes come in many different types such as leather, canvas, split-sole, character and pointe shoes; each type has its own advantages which should be considered carefully when choosing one that is suitable for your needs as a dancer. The right pair of shoes will ensure that you can perform safely while getting the most out of your classes.